The Serenade Project – A sneak Preview

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The Serenade Project is driven by a friend of mine, Klaus Thomas who is Guitarist and IT-Specialist, and me. The Idea was to make a Website where audio- visual- and Nature Elements come together.
As you know. i have written a lot of Songs about Nature and Landscapes (Normandie, Sound of the Summer Rain, Sur la Mer, Spirit of the Sea, Unten am See, Journey to the End of the Rainbow) and so I`m proud to be the first to write Music for theis Project.
You see in the first Videos where it goes and the Music is small and calm but full of Melody and Harmony but also sometimes mystic and dark. The Project will go on with the Collaboration with many Musicians and Friends of us.
At first we will do only Material for the Website but may be there will also be CD-Productions and Live Events. We also try out the Possibility of Live Concerts here on our YouTube Channels.

Here are the first four Songs taken from the Website Layout

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