Neu im Shop/Latest Additions:

Neue Einzelausgaben/ New Single Sheets
All by Myself++++Liebestraum++++Hachiko Var. I++++Hachiko Var. II++++Hachiko Var. III++++Hachiko Var. IV++++

Summer sale with discount code “summer2021” 30% from € 30 until August 31

Piano Christmas 2020 – 12 Christmas Carols with new Arrangements
Piano Christmas 2020

Neue Einzelausgaben/ New Single Sheets
Adagio++++Pachelbel++++Nessun Dorma++++Alla turca on a rainy Day++++

Neue Stücke von mir/ New Songs of mine
Julia’s Dream++++Melody for bad Days++++Thinking of you++++The blonde Girl on the Bus++++The Search 2020++++

The new CD with songbook “Darkness and Light” is here and two new albums with classical adaptions

Neu im Shop/ komplette CD “love playing Piano for you”:
Serenade in the Moonlight++++My Hachiko++++Alone together++++Waiting for your Call++++About your Love++++Winterblues++++
Broken Wings++++Believe++++Tell me Lies++++Moonflower++++
Empty Rooms++++Leave me Alone++++Music is your Language
++++Last Song of the Day++++Straight to your Heart++++Is it like Chopin?

New CD “Good to know you’re here”  Premium Edition 15 Tracks

New CD “Serenade Project”  Premium Edition 15 Tracks

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Ich arbeite an einigen neuen Werken, stay tuned….


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