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I have put together another very special album for the 10th anniversary of the online jubilee. It contains the best of My Piano Music and I have put two things in the foreground: once the vision that accompanies the whole project from the beginning, namely, the search for the melody and the arrangement for piano, which really captivates you while playing On the other hand, the structure and the structure, which also makes the piece play joyfully with the beginning of the pianos. I call this “the magic of the moment” and I try to reach every title.

The things are really all playable and suitable for all pianists.


love playing Piano for you

Songbook + CD-Audio und MP3

This is the second album at the end of the 10 year online anniversary. It contains the best of My Piano Music and I have put two things first: the vision that accompanies my projects from the beginning, namely the search for the melody and the arrangement for piano, which really captivates you while playing Others the structure and structure of the beginning of the piano player play the piece with pleasure.

I wish you a lot of fun with my piano music and this album that I have produced with a lot of love for you and that makes it possible for you to play my piano pieces yourself.
Most of the songs in this songbook are composed in playable keys and I’ve made sure that they sound really good on any piano without making them too difficult. Furthermore, several titles are provided with fingerings.
You will see that with my music you have a whole orchestra under your hands that can play both simple melodies and big arrangements of an orchestra. The piano will show you the way.
Join me on this path and I would be glad if I can give you suggestions for your own piano playing.

The notes are really playable and suitable for all pianists.

The notes now also include a QR code on the first page that lets you conveniently land on the score video where you can exactly hear and see what happens, you can vary the tempo and have a wonderful template for practice.

The following 16 tracks are included in this album:
My Hachiko
Waiting for your Call
About your Love
Broken Wings
Moonlight Serenade
Tell me Lies
Alone together
Empty Rooms
Leave me alone
Music is your Language
Last Song of the Day
Straight to your Heart
is it like Chopin?


Here is a Youtube Playlist

On my YouTube Channel you can hear a Lot of other Songs. If you want the Sheets of my Coversongs go to

musicnotes signature artist page
I’m Signature Artist and there are more than 80 of my best Cover Arrangements exactly note for note!

Important Hints

Due to a large number of different formats, a very large product has been produced that is more than 800MB in size.
I have distributed the download to 2 packages:

The first package contains the usual package consisting of the songbook with the notesmand the MP3. That will probably reach many.
The second package contains the CD with the WAV files, this could be burned to a CD with optimal sound.

So if the download should have some hook, I have the files again in my Dropbox and can if necessary also individual links send.

Thank you for listening to my Music and for playing it! Dietmar

Please don’t forget to recommend me to your Friends!


Once you purchase the sheet music, please respect Dietmar’s copyright and do not share, trade or distribute the PDF files on the Internet.

Doing so encourages theft and undermines Dietmar’s ability to create more sheet music.

The downloads you purchase are for your personal use only, except for a very good friend! Thank you very much!

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