Music inspired by Hachiko

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Three Weeks ago i saw this Film “Hachiko” in Television between working on my Computer. I did not see the whole Film but i was so impressed by the Dog and the Story and the Music that i next Day recorded this 4 Variations of Hachiko.
Two Days later i wanted to know if i recorded the right Music so i googled and bought the DVD on Amazon. (Crazy: you get this DVD in Germany for only 3,77€! Here is the LINK)
When i received the DVD i was so astonished to hear that i recorded another Music in my Songs.
So here are these 4 Variations and i love them. You get them now in a My Piano Music Songbook together with the MIDI-Files an the MP-3 Aufnahmen.

I am a great Dog Lover especially big Dogs, so you can see it is so inspiring!
Here are the 4 Variations.

Now this is a good starting point for your own “Hachiko” Arrangement, Guys i wanna hear it soon!

Finally here is the Synthesia Version von Hachiko Pt. 4

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