How to play “Stairway to Heaven” on the Piano – the Sound is muted now on YouTube

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Abschaltung von Stairway th Heaven

Pity ….. The rights owner of Stairway to Heaven let YouTube mute the soundtrack to the song. The public pianoforte of this song is thus prohibited in Germany??

Whether it is now in other countries, I do not know exactly, but it is nevertheless still the company “Led Zeppelin” so rigorously proceeding.
My original version of this song from 2011 is still online and is very popular with well over 200.000 clicks. Let’s see what’s going on …

PS: Be it as it should be: in the closed area of ​​my pianoforte school the title is still available and available Produces great enthusiasm among my pupils.


There will come a Synthesia Version soon and shure….. I have the Sheets

At least here comes a Playlist from my YouTube Channel with the best of My Piano Music for enjoying and dreaming….

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