The last Dance with a Video by Ryan Woodward

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Many things happen by chance: Some weeks ago Marc’s piano posted a video where he played his own version my Tune “The last Dance”. He had used there some sequences from a videoproject of Ryan Woodward what exactly shows what I saw before me composing this piece.
In my imagination I saw always a Girl dancing to the piece.
When I have seen this in Marc’s video I became curious and i began searching for Ryan Woodward.

And I made a find: on his side http://www . I found the video “thought of you “. I turned the music to the video off and played my music to it and was amazed simply totally because the music of me fitted perfectly to the video of Ryan.

I have spliced music and picture and you can look it here.

I would like to point over again expressly to it that the video contains other music in the original, look for it please on Ryan’s side or on YouTube and I would like to injure(violate) here no copyrights separate simply once show like by a chance two projects so well match together.

Have Fun watching this Genius Video!


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