You dream of eliciting enchanting sounds from a piano and playing fascinating melodies? For many years I have been working to teach people in piano and of course I love to write new music for piano.

If you also want to play the Titanic Theme with your own fingers or want to present the song “To build a home” on the piano, then you are exactly right in the key land on my website I offer a variety of online training classes to help you learn the game on the piano.

In addition, you can of course also for private piano or keyboard lessons with me decide.

Piano lessons that are fun: “Titanic Theme” or “To build a home” are just two classics.

First and foremost, music should be able to give pleasure to other people and bring a smile to the listener’s face. That’s why I think that piano lessons should be fun too. Of course, the practice of dexterity is just as instrumental as training the rhythm feeling. But if my students have to play a piano every now and then to which they have absolutely no relation, they will eventually lose the pleasure. That’s why my class includes many well-known classics, which are made from film and the like

Especially with the girls, for example, the famous Titanic Theme is popular. There is hardly anyone who has not seen the touching movie. My students know exactly how the piece must sound and they can also empathize emotionally with the work. This creates a motivation that causes the Titanic Theme to be repeated over and over, until you are satisfied.

Men are rather less on the Titanic Theme. These are more likely to watch YouTube Led Zeppelin with Stairway to Heaven. If you also occasionally click on YouTube Led Zeppelin with Stairway to heaven and feel the desire to play the piece yourself at the piano, then get in touch with me! You’ll see, after just a few lessons, you can go to YouTube Led Zeppelin with Stairway to heaven and play the songs on the piano at the same time. Of course the Titanic Theme, the song “To build a home” or YouTube Led Zeppelin with Stairway to heaven are just a few examples of songs that you can play on the piano.
We are happy to talk in a personal conversation about your preferences, if “To build a home” rather less to your liking.

Teaching piano is not a job for me. It is rather a passion. I share this passion with all my students, whether we accompany “To build a home” or YouTube Led Zeppelin with Stairway to heaven.
On the one hand you can use my online offer, on the other hand you can also take private lessons for piano in Remscheid or for keyboard in Burscheid. First and foremost, I am in Remscheid and its surroundings. You want to play the piano in Remscheid or Keyboard in Burscheid, then contact me. We can either meet at my piano in Remscheid or I can come to you and your parents home. With a little practice, you will soon be able to play classics like “To bulid a home” at the piano in Remscheid or on the keyboard in Burscheid.

Either phone or write an e-mail. At the beginning you can also like to practice my online content at the keyboard in Burscheid in order to get to know the instrument independently and to play it