Dietmar plays Alan Walker – Faded / Sing me to Sleep

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Dietmar plays Faded and Sing me to sleep in his own Way

Dietmar plays Alan Walker – In this new series, I can finally do what I enjoy most: the songs I like to play in a kind as I like it best! This is where Faded and Sing me to sleep come in a completely new look.

These songs by Alan Walker shine with their great melodies which go directly into the heart. And the best thing is, you can also play these songs on the piano, I’ve put them here in a new key. We are playing it now in G major, the original sound was F# major (that is more like suicide, haha!). The songs of Alan are made for the piano and I have packed the songs in small improvisations by me so they get their very own arrangement.
I am currently working on Dietmar plays …… versions of Sting and Sia, and of course Alone will come from Alan Walker …… stay tuned!

There will come a Synthesia Version soon and shure….. I have the Sheets

At least here comes a Playlist from my YouTube with the best of My Piano Music for enjoying and dreaming….

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